The Freiwilligen Zentrum Wiesbaden e.V. (Voluntary Service Center) welcomes you!

  • Who we are? What is our task?

    For more than 20 years now the voluntary service center is committed to bringing and keeping together voluntarily engaged people We want motivate civic cooperation and with that strengthen Wiesbaden.

    The full-time and voluntary team of the voluntary service center cooperate with more than 280 social and cultural institutions, organizations and private agencies (as of summer 2019) and opens doors to social fields, such as social affairs, sports, culture, education, mentors, nature and ecology.

    In our agency in the heart of the city we work together as a team. Here we coordinate projects and offers and personally get together with more than 1.500 voluntarily engaged people and many organizations.

    The center engages itself as an independent institution above party lines for a culture of voluntary engagement in Wiesbaden.

  • What do we concretely offer?

    For interested citizens of our city and non-profit organizations our services are free of charge.

    This includes for (potential) volunteers of the city:

    – consulting and informing interested people concerning voluntary offers in Wiesbaden

    – resourcing further education and seminars in order to support already engaged people across organizations in their work in the city and provide specialist knowledge.

    – Information events for specific fields of engagement – e.g. commitment to culture – and organizes visits to different organizations in Wiesbaden, which offer voluntary jobs.

    – Information and support all around the topic of civic and voluntary engagement (e.g. insurances, certificates, and so on)

Headerbild Freiwilligenzentrum Wiesbaden – Registrierung für Freiwillige
  • Voluntarily engaged in Wiesbaden without speaking fluent German?

    Furthermore, we frequently receive offers from different organizations in our volunteer database not requiring fluent German. Gladly we will also advise you in English to find something suitable for you. The final decision, if you can voluntarily engage in a specific organization, is with the actual organization.

  • Only for a short period of time in Wiesbaden or time for voluntary work?

    We regularly have offers in our database, where voluntary engagement is only required for a short period of time or special occasion, so that you can actively engage even when in Wiesbaden for a limited stay. Please ask us concerning current short term engagements.