The Freiwilligen Zentrum Wiesbaden e.V. (Voluntary Service Center) welcomes you!

  • Who we are? What is our task?

    For almost 25 years now the voluntary service center is committed to bring and to keep voluntarily engaged people together. We want to motivate civic cooperations and strengthen Wiesbadens community.

    The full-time voluntary team of the service center cooperates with more than 300 social and cultural institutions, organizations and private agencies and opens doors to social fields, such as social affairs, sports, culture, education, mentors, nature and ecology.

    In our agency, which is located in the heart of the city, we work together as a specialized team. There we coordinate projects and offer annually personalized sessions with more than 1.500 voluntarily engaged people and many organizations.

    The center engages itself as an independent institution above party lines for a culture of voluntary engagement in Wiesbaden.

  • What can we offer you?

    For interested citizens of our city and non-profit organizations our services are free of charge. This includes:

    – consulting and informing interested people about voluntary positions in Wiesbaden

    – resourcing further educations and seminars in order to support already engaged   people across the organizations in their work and provide specialist knowledge.

    – Informative events for specific fields of engagement – e.g. commitment to culture – and visits to different organizations in Wiesbaden, which offer voluntary jobs.

    – Information and support regarding the topics of civic and voluntary engagement (e.g. insurances, certificates, and so on)

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  • You want to engage in voluntary work but do not speak German (yet)?

    Frequently we do receive offers from different organizations in our volunteer database that does not require fluent German. We can also advise you in English to find something suitable for you. The final decision, whether you will be voluntarily engaged in a specific organization, will be decided by the actual organization.

  • Only for a short period of time in Wiesbaden or time for voluntary work?

    We regularly have offers in our database, where voluntary engagement is only required for a short period of time or special occasion, so that you can actively engage even when you are in Wiesbaden for a limited stay. Please ask us about these current short term engagements.

  • Your options in voluntary engagements!

    Our Database includes the current engagement offers in Wiesbaden. We have an average of about 250 offers throughout our fields of engagements.

    The shown offers are only exclusive for the city of Wiesbaden and the near by suburbs.

    Search for an offer:

    Click the “search button” to find all of our current engagement offers.

    For a specific search you can select the entries in the selection fields.

    Note ID:

    If you are interested in a specific offer please right down the ID number which you can find in the upper right hand  corner.

    If the contact details for this offer are not publicly recorded in the database*, you have the following options using the ID number of the offer:

    You arrange a personal consultation appointment with us and pick up the specific contact details of the interesting offer from us. Let our competent consulting team show you which other offers are currently advertised in the field of volunteering you have selected.

    You can request the contact details either by phone or via e-mail.

    *Please understand that not all organizations that publish their offers with us want to put their contact details online. We will be happy to send these to you personally or give you the contact details as part of your personal consultation with us.

  • Personal Consultation

    Beside the option to look for a job in the online database regarding our actual offers in Wiesbaden, we recommend, especially when you are searching for the first time for voluntary work, a free consultation in our office at the Freiwilligen Zentrum.

    Our consultation center, located in the Friedrichstrasse 32, is  in the center of Wiesbaden. You can easily get there by bus or by foot.

    You can schedule an appointment for a personal consultation either by phone or via email.

    The consultation is completely free of charge and gives you an overview of the different voluntary offers in Wiesbaden.

    Our competent advisors will help you with orientation and advise you on the individual fields of engagement and offers.

    We work together with more then 300 organizations throughout the different fields of engagement in Wiesbaden.

    As soon as you have discovered a volunteer offer that you would like to get to know better, you will receive further background information and the necessary contact details for your chosen organization and their special offer.

    It is now up to you to get in touch with the organization and start your volunteer work.

  • How about supporting English Cultural Institutions in Wiesbaden?

    Want to know more? Get in touch with us via email, telephone or live – we are looking forward to hear from you!

  • How about teaching an English conversation class for the elderly?

    Sounds interesting to you? Get in touch with us via email, telephone or live – we are looking forward to hear from you!

  • How about giving out food to needing people

    Want to know more? Get in touch with us via email, telefon or live – we are looking forward to hear from you!